Current smells: Le Labo, Tom Ford

I usually associate people with a couple of smells. Most of the time it’s the the perfume they wear. If you smell good, you can get away with not showering for a few days.

I think it’s interesting how people choose their signature scents. My taste in perfume/everything has changed dramatically from when I was a teenager. I used to go for really sweet, fruity scents, like Apple by Nina Ricci, or Miss Dior. Now, I like more woody and floral.

I’ve never finished any perfumes, as my taste has usually changed before finishing the bottle buuut I think my taste has stabilised and the two most recent ones will hang about for a while.

I’m currently switching between Ylang by Le Labo (most people seem to go for Santal, which is also bangin’) and Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford (fun fact: it’s also Vicky B’s fave – according to some magazine I read lol yes I don’t care if she got paid to say that).

Ylang is a ‘Chypre’, which is a family of perfumes, so I might try and find these other Chypres sometime to see if I like those too.

If you’re looking for a new smell, I suggesting going to the Harrods Perfume Hall and give your nose a treat.


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