Discount stuff

I love a good discount. Usually I have to be super lucky to find discounted stuff I really want, and sales can be hit and miss. BUT there’s a couple of places that are usually safe bets throughout the year:

I get a lot of my shoes from L K Bennett. Their store in Bicester Village is one of the few shops there where it pretty much always has decent stock. I’m a size 36, but it seems like the other sizes have a decent selection too.

Speaking of Bicester Village, they also have a l’Occitane, the White Company, Molton Brown, Le Creuset, The Cosmetics Company (They have Bumble & Bumble, Bobby Brown, MAC, Clinique, Estée Lauder etc), Cowshed… Basically if it’s not clothes, it’s a lot easier to find a good discount…

T K Maxx! I (almost) NEVER buy socks from anywhere else, when I do, it’s because it would be super inconvenient. They are soooo well priced, and good quality. Thick socks, thin socks, lots of black socks, you name it.

The White company Bicester Village – or T K Maxx.

MENS JUMPERS also seem to be decent at T K Maxx, the women’s stuff not so much…

Of course, I will keep this list updated when I think of more.


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